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ROBOPARK – is an international robot museum for the whole family. Thanks to the latest technology, you will interact with 70 robots from all over the world; you will see a real robot theater, a quadcopter show, be immersed in virtual reality and make objects fly through the power of your thought. Here even children from 2 y.o. can feel like real inventors. Education and entertainment at one place!
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Canbot UU-U05
Humanoid service robot for commercial use. With its 25 kindsof emotion expressions and 368 kinds of emotion languages UU makes human interaction achievable and enjoyable.
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Pepper can make personalized recommendations, help people find exactly what they are looking for, sell, upsell, and cross-sell, and interact with your human team as needed.
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It is simply impossible to discover the exhibition and not go to an interview with the TV presenter KIKI! Hurry up to meet KIKI at the exhibition before she goes to the national television.
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padbot p3
This very emotional person from Beijing will grab your baby's attention. Various Emotions can appear on his face: laughter, sadness, sympathy and even anger! However, do not be scared, PADBOT P3 is just joking. He is the kindest robot in 500-mile radius.
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promobot 4
He is one of the most versatile robots in the world! He is very polite, so he will remember your face and will definitely say hello at every meeting. He teaches at several universities and has an honorary professor status.
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This humanoid robot can communicate with people, express emotions, and connect to any services and applications. He can have the appearance of any person on Earth - regardless of gender, age and nationality.
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Unitree a1
A robot dog, which already fully helps authorities in patrolling and security, inspecting hazardous environments, searching and saving people.
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The most human robot in RoboPark. You will not get bored with Alex: he knows how to play scissor-rock, loves to hug and give high five to children, and he is the main joker at the exhibition. He can repeat the movements after you and starts dancing if he hears his favorite song.
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Monty Cafe coffee shop, where the Monti robot serves drinks. Moreover, if there are no customers and Monty has a free minute – the robot is dancing.
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Electronic worker in the restaurant industry. She will bring you an electronic menu, take the order and bring it directly to your table.
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Promobot 2
The robot communicates with people, recognizes faces and speech, and moves independently, avoiding obstacles, displays promotional materials on the screen.
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This robot writes jokes to comedians all around the world. His concerts are sold out at the exhibition! R-bot is the star of social events and parties.
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If your child sees SNOW, he will definitely hug and play with him, because this is the cutest robot in the exhibition. With a penguin-like form and a large, kind and emotions face, SNOW is one of the most memorable robots for kids.
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Ninebot robotics loomo
This is a real robot with its own intelligence and endless possibilities! It will follow you, execute commands, read gestures, take photos, shoot videos, and more!
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Canbot U03S
The most caring robot. He will grab your baby's attention, chat and play with him. He makes friends easily!
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Programmable robo-spider. He is very clever, compact and equipped with all the necessary sensors. HEXA is able to inspect the world around and learn from it, choosing its own path to move around any terrain.
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I wiele innych
Na wystawie jest wiele robotów, które zachwycą Twojego malucha i pocieszą Cię. Zobacz nasze robo-zoo i wszystkie pokazy na naszej wystawie!
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Over 70 robots from exhibitions in Las Vegas, Beijing and Berlin
10 VR and AR zones
Amazing Tesla Show!
Hot dances and tricks in the robot theater
Human-sized robots
Robosoccer, Robosumo and Roboboxing
Workshops and children and adults. Draw in the air, make your own slime or create your own program? Easy!
Take a selfie with robots!

And that's not all!

Experience in the world of new technologies without time limit

A new format with interactive robots
and a show program where everyone will be immersed into the fascinating world of technology!
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