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Mirey Robotics

is an International Exhibition Company

Over 2.5 million adults and children have taken part in our exhibitions. These numbers show how popular the format and concept of the idea is. Our main purpose is to tell about sophisticated technologies in a playful format. We strive to make technology available and accessible to every child. Our most gratifying award is seeing the smiles and surprised looks of our visitors!


Robopark is a fully interactive, innovative, educational and entertainment exhibition. It is appropriate for adults, students, children and families of all ages.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies, your visitors will interact with 70 robots from all around the world; they will see a real robot theater, learn to fly drones, be immersed in virtual reality and make objects fly through the power of thought. It creates inspiring and memorable visitor experiences!

Look At This New Format

Of Exhibitions

Over 70 robots

from exhibitions in Las Vegas, Beijing and Berlin

8 zones

of virtual reality

Amazing Tesla Show!

Have you seen the lightning dance?

Robot Theater

Drone zone.

You can control a real drone


Robosumo and Roboboxing

Workshops for children and adults.

Draw in the air, make your slide hologram

Over 70 robots from...

8 zones of virtual reality

Amazing Tesla Show! Have you...

Robot Theater

Drone zone. You can control...

Robosoccer, Robosumo and...

Workshops for children and...

Human-sized Robots

Canbot U05

Humanoid service robot for commercial use. With its 25 kinds of emotion expressions and 368 kinds of emotion languages UU makes human interaction achievable and enjoyable.


Pepper can make personalized recommendations, help people find exactly what they’re looking for, sell, upsell, and cross-sell, and interact with your human team as needed.


Electronic worker in the restaurant industry. She’ll bring you an electronic menu, take the order and bring it directly to your table.

Unitree A1

Robotic dog, which already fully helps authorities in patrolling and security, inspecting hazardous environments, searchingand saving people.


Monty Cafe coffee shop, where drinks are served by the Monti robot. And if there are no customers and Monty has a free minute — the robot is dancing.

Hire Details

Venue info

Robopark space requirements: 500 m² - 1,500 m².

Hire Period: 1 - 3 months. Our exhibition is typically provided to museums, science centers exhibition venues, and shopping malls.

Marketing material

We provide business marketing & PR material including high resolution logo, promo video, design for promotion flyer, press release templates, information plates.

Production material

Production material includes: 60 interactives from exhibitions in Las Vegas Beijing and Berlin; Robot theater, Tesla show, 10 virtual reality zones, Robozoo, Drone zone; scenery and backdrops; decoration & other props; IT equipment to manage exhibits; interactive kid's workshops.

Setup, cuidance
& consultation

Our dedicated team of 1 Product manager and 2 Engineers will help with the exhibition's transportation, installation/setup & de-installation, as well as provide ongoing guidance & consultation, working closely with your team to create the event's concept.

Previous Venues

88 сities



  • 286 840

Аverage exhibition attendance

  • 28 684

6 сities



  • 286 840

Аverage exhibition attendance

  • 28 684

Planned traffic in the cities

  • 1 133 650

10 сities



  • 286 840

Аverage exhibition attendance

  • 28 684

3 сities



  • 286 840

Аverage exhibition attendance

  • 28 684



Perm, Russia

Goal — to increase foot traffic in mall.

Effect — 2.4 times increase in traffic, mall repeatedly covered in regional and federal mass media.

Attendance in 37 days — 71,200 people.

City mall

Tumen, Russia

Goal - Image promotion, special event for a new mall.

Effect - 2.3 times increase in traffic before the official opening.

Attendance in 43 days - 21, 400 people.

CH Forum

Gliwice, Poland

Goal - attract attention to mall.

Effect - 3 news stories on TV about the exhibition, 23 publications on news resources, 1,584 people at the opening day.


Perm, Russia

City mall

Tumen, Russia

CH Forum

Gliwice, Poland

Exhibition For Everybody

3-7 y.o.

Full interaction with exhibits in interactive form. Children can take part in master classes and take away everything that done.

8-13 y.o.

Children can ask questions and learn many interesting facts about robots and advanced technology. After the group tour there will be free time to participate in the games.

14-17 y.o.

Teenagers can manage the technology of the future, try 8 zones of VR and all attractions of the interactive exhibition.

How It Works

We develop an exposition that fits your goals and create a design project.

We sign the contract, deliver the exhibition to the place, and construct it

We support and advise you online or attend the exhibition

We take it apart or extend the term of use, as you wish

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